“An Untitled Installation” 2019

Stevan Lukic

With over half a tonne of wet terracotta clay, ‘An Untitled Installation’ became what was to be a journey of self exploration in discovering stereotypical viewpoints on masculinity and what it is to “be a man.” Through tireless and methodical process, it was to be a labour like no other.

Sex Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Wednesday 30 October 2019 to Sunday 10 November 2019

“An Untitled Installation” 2019 image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 09 November 2019.
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Each penis hand made through intuition by myself the artist. I believe that through the act of repetitive process, more and more can be revealed about concepts and preconceived beliefs held both personally, and within society. Having come from a rather conventional background, and being both white and heterosexual, the experience for me became more than just a humorous exploration of my own obsession with the phallus.

‘An Untitled Installation’ , aims to dispel regimented viewpoints on toxic masculinity through its use of humour and visual disarray. As a leading contributor to domestic violence, violence towards women, violence towards those within the LGBTQI community, rape culture, murder and suicide within men and a precipitator towards alcohol and drug abuse, I feel that toxic masculinity poses itself as one of the largest threats to community at the present time. This installation is intended to create a space for dialogue and reflection.

20% of profit donated towards Thorne Harbour Health
(formerly The Victorian AIDS council).

(terracotta clay, glaze, single channel video)